Traeger v/s Camp Chef Pellet Smoker : Who Wins

Let us compare two of the best pellet smokers on the market; Traeger and Camp Chef, so that you have a better idea as to which one suits your requirements and lifestyle better! We have jotted down four key areas of comparison that will come in handy for you to enjoy all those barbecue nights!

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Cooking Space
Camp Chef grill: This SmokePro DLX Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker is a whopping 570 square inches which enables you to grill a variety of meals at a time. It is perfect for a large family barbecue get-together and for a happening house party too! It will make your food-related problems a bit easier with how much food it can cook at once and it’s stylish and rich looking model also adds to your reputation. In addition to that, it also has a decent side shelf.

Traeger Grill: Even though this grill is smaller than the Camp Chef grill, it’s still an impressive size that can cook for at least 6-7 people at once. It has an area of 418 square inches which is more than sufficient! Plus, if you’re looking for something as good as the Camp Chef that occupies lesser space—Taeger is your pick.

Level of Technology

Camp Chef Grill:
Automatic Auger- manually handling the pellets can be hard to perfect and understand, so this technology enables the users to have the luxury of not doing anything because of this product, the pellets automatically shift to the hopper according to the temperature, leaving no room for errors.

Pellet Purge System- This makes removal of used pellets easier.

Traeger Pellet Grill:
Electronic Auto-start Ignition- Since there is no need for an ignition source, the process becomes more convenient for the average user.

How to maintain Cleanliness?
Camp Chef Grill: In a conventional grill, the cleaning process is incredibly frustrating. Burning wood produces ash, which is time-consuming and hard to clean properly. Camp chef grills have attached a cup under the grill to collect all the dust and it has a separate section that takes care of all the grease drippings. This definitely makes the work easier!

Traeger Grill: Although there are no provisions for collecting ash or grease in the Traeger Grills, they have easy to clean porcelain grill grates that can be cleaned easily within minutes.

Temperature Management
Camp Chef Grill: The digital temperature reading module makes it easier to read and analyze the exact temperature. We have already established that the automatic auger technology makes it super-convenient for users to adjust the temperature and cook their food. There is also a probe-style thermometer given with this grill! So no more cutting food open to check if it’s cooked; just stick the thermometer in and know the exact temperature of the food. You can also read the temperature at night.

Traeger Grill:  This is a versatile machine and users can smoke, grill or braise their food easily with a single cookware. It also has a very impressive digital elite controller that gives you the opportunity to cook evenly with keeping the flavours consistent and balanced in any kind of food. The machine makes sure your food is cooked perfectly.…