Simplicity and versatility are two terms which easily define BUNN MCU, it has been in the picture for years now, in the category of single-serve MCU is one of the best in the market. 

 MCU not only makes the most delicious coffee but tea as well, convenient by nature comes with one-touch action, has two buttons one for normal brewing and the other one is the ‘pulse button’ which makes stronger coffee than the brew button, within a minute it can easily make 12 -14oz of coffee. 

 MUC has 4 trays  

  1. k-cup
  2. coffee pod
  3. Ground
  4. Hot water tray

 Brewing – 

No experience is needed to use this brewer, with the brewer you get 4 drawers, each for different purpose one for hot water, one for k-cups, one for coffee pods, one for ground coffee and all four of these can be easily attached. As it has 4 different drawers for the different purpose there is no chance of mixing flavors to brew coffee attach one of the drawers to the machine, add water and simply press the button, for normal coffee press the brew button and for strong press the pulse button. 

 Remember when you press pulse button you won’t get your coffee within a minute as pressing pulse means that coffee grounds are going through pre-infusion where the acids of the grounds are getting released, it would take 2-3 minutes to give a bold flavor. 

 MCU brews coffee with 30 -60 seconds which is outrageously fast, 14oz within a Minutes time. It is recommended to turn it off after use as it doesn’t have energy saving mode it needs at least 120 volts. 


BUNN MCU is known for its versatility, it comes with 4 different drawers, and attaching these drawers is very handy, in these ninja coffee maker reviews you can make great tea as well and for tea, the ‘pulse’ option is highly recommended. 

Tea can be brewed in the pod tray, oats can be easily made with the help of hot water dispenser. 

This brewer can do a lot of tasks, it can even blend espressos with the help of K-cups but definitely cant brew espressos. 

 Pros – 

  1. MCU has a removable drip tray which makes it easy to use travel mugs and even to clean it.
  2. Outrageously fast brewing
  3. MCU like other brewers by BUNN it also comes with an internal stainless steel tank which makes it highly durable.
  4. There is no need to buy a filter for each use as it comes with mesh filter which can be cleaned after use.5.
  5. This one machine has 4 drawers which mean 4 different beverages.


The water reservoir can’t be removed, there is a constant need for a refill and there is again no on/off switch, if there is water in the tank then it’s on to turn it off you need to unplug it. 

pod trays and k-cups is super easy as after use k-cups and pods can be thrown away, cleaning ground coffee drawer is a kind of problem as it takes time to clean it. 

to unplug, users have complained that the k-cup drawer has an inconsistent sealing. 

 Conclusion  – 

This machine is flexible, versatile, simple, compact and durable. If you are not a big fan of espressos then you must go for BUNN MCU SINGLE SERVE MULTI-USE BREWER. 

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