Step by Step Instructions to buy the best coffee maker- 

  • When buying a coffee maker it is required to make sure which brewer is being purchased. The market is full of different models and types. 5 things you need to keep in mind before buying a coffee maker, cost, capacity, counter space, maintenance, and speed. 
  •  Capacity – uninterrupted supply to 12 cups and from 12 cups to one single server. it depends on your need whether you need a coffee maker for a big firm, small restaurant or for personal use. 
  • Counter space – which kind of coffee maker is going to be purchased depends on the bench space, whether you have a compact kitchen with minimum space or one with plenty of it.
  • Cost – Buying an electrical appliance also depends on the budget and on the worth of the machine, whether you want to spend money in pieces thrice a year or once for years.
  •  Speed – some machines take 6 mins and some just 3 so you need to take the call, impatient coffee lovers must go for the 3-minute option with good taste  
  • Maintenance – when we talk about the maintenance we are talking about long-term as the buyer is investing in a coffee maker which will last for years but if something happens to the brewer, like the warming plate needs to be replaced and then it would be good to go so you can simply go and get the warming plate replaced. Before buying make sure that the parts are easily available in the market
  • Here are some of our recommendations according to different needs and all the factors mentioned above. 
  • Bunn 13300.0001 VP17-1SS Coffee Brewer – This brewer is designed as a tank, in a compact size, you get 1 warmer and within 60 minutes it gives you almost 4 gallons of brewed coffee. it can be used for personal use but we would recommend you to use it in a restaurant where there is average demand for coffee 
  • Keurig k55 Review – the keurig is designed for a workplace where an uninterrupted supply of coffee is needed. it comes with 2 tanks, 2 warmers and 2 glass decanters and it is affordable. 
  • Bunn GRB Velocity Brewer- This machine comes with a capacity of making 4 to 10 cups within 3 minutes, well-designed funnel and porcelain coated warming plate.  
  • Bunn MCU – The Bunn MCU is one of the best single serves coffee makers, it has been in the picture for years now. it is flexible and even versatile in nature, it is even lighter in weight and has 4 different brewing trays  
  • Bunn NHS – this machine is for people who love drip coffee maker and are little impatient when it comes to waiting for the coffee, this brewer is fast and doesn’t even take much space 
  • Bunn VPR -APS – this airport pour over is portable, needs no plumbing and comes with shower heads. 
  • As you do not have a coffee maker right now let me help you make world’s best coffee without a coffee maker so that you get the best coffee until the time you buy the best maker- 


  1. Take a pan, place it on the stove,turn the stove on 
  2. Put some water in the pan, make sure you do not use the same amount of you usually use, use a little less than that.
  3. Once the water is boiled add coffee according to your preference but I can suggest if you have used 6ounces of water then you must use 2 tablespoons.
  4. Now cover your pan and turn the heat toit’sfullest, just wait for 4-5 mins 
  5. That’s all pouring your coffee into the cups 

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