Before telling you how to shave with a straight razor is done I m going to answer some other common questions related to straight razor 

What is a straight Razor? 

It is basically a handle with a huge blade which is at times knows as barber’s Razor and even cutthroat, though cutthroat sounds little scary it is not, all you need to do is be careful you will need to sharpen it once in a while. 

Why is it making a comeback?  

It helps you to cut down a lot of waste, how? once you buy it you do not need to buy cartridge razors, you can only use cartridge razors for 4-5 times and after that, they do not work whereas straight razor they are back to stay. Helps you save money, it is a one-time investment as it would last longer then you would expect it to. 

Straight Vs. Safety 

Straight razors are not for the ones who are always late as people who are always late stay in a hurry, they need to look good and in the same time need to catch a train to reach on time, straight razors require practice, time and patience whereas safety razors can be used by anyone they don’t make you feel special about yourself they just give you an ordinary shave but are best for impatient people as there are fewer chances of getting a cut but as straight razors are making a comeback in the shaving industry there is a reason, the reason is the result you get after shaving with a straight razor and it is even more of an adventure, and people who love smooth shave still go to barbers to get their shave done with straight razors 

How to shave using a straight razor? 

There are 3 steps for an amazing shave 


heard about stropping? when shaving with a straight razor it is very important it needs to be done before each shave as it helps you keep your cutthroat razor straight. you need to horizontally rub the blade on the leather and make sure while doing this the sharp side of the blade is facing you. 

The need to prepare your face 

if you want your shave to be painless then you must take bath with warm water as it helps in opening your pores and after this, you need to massage your face with some shaving cream, do not let your skin get dry. 

TheArt of using your razor 

you need to hold your straight razor in your dominating hand, the place for your thumb is under the shank and it would appear as if it is against the shoulder of the razor whereas your ring, index, and middle fingers are supposed to be on the opposite side and your little finger is supposed to be on the tang. 

now that you know about the position make sure when you shave you keep your skin tight, to avoid getting any cuts make sure you shave at a 30-degree angle, the direction of your hair growth needs to be the direction of your blade while shaving keep one thing in your mind do not put a lot of pressure. 

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