We are going to talk about two commercial brewers which are the best and highly similar, both are built like a tank so that they last for years. In this article, we are talking about the BUNN VP 1SS and BUNN VPR Models. 

Pros – 

  1. High-quality Stainless Steel is used in both of these commercial brewers
  2. Coffee is brewed at an ideal temperature – 200F
  3. no prior experience is needed, simple to control 
  4. they both can easily brew about 14.4 liters of coffee hourly 
  5. Both have warmers so that coffee never gets cold, VPR commercial 12-cup comes with 2 warming plates.


This coffee Maker is like a Tank, it is Big, Deep, and Tall. Highly recommended for cafes, family restaurants. It can easily brew 14 liters of coffee per hour with its stainless steel body would last for years and on the other hand, we have  BUNN VPR Commercial 12- Cup Brewer 

This brewer is highly recommended for offices with heavy demand for caffeine as it comes with 2 warming plates and it is also very affordable.  

Brewing –  

This commercial brewer uses industrial components for internal heating. Premium industrial components increase the shelf life of the product.  

bunn VPR  commercial comes with the same number of tanks as the warming plate, one of the tanks is always on as it heats up the water, always remember that the amount of coffee you need requires the same amount of water, things you require for brewing coffee are drip filters, water and of course coffee. 

it can brew 3.8 gallons of coffee per hour when cold water is added to the tank, the brewer requires the same amount of hot water, from the external tank cold water transfers to the second tank which results in 50oz of coffee within 3-4 minutes. 

Features – 

  1. 4-5 cups of coffee can be easily brewed within 3 minutes, all the credit for this goes to the tank which is always on
  2. It comes with 2 warming plates, 2 tanks and the same number of glass carafea.k.a decanter, these warmers have separate switches which means you can make as much coffee as you want.  

Cons – 

  1. with this machine regular cleaning is a must  
  2. The ‘always on’ button is a benefit, as well as a con as it is always on it, consumes extra energy.thedownside is that it needs at least 110 volts of power 

Conclusion  (Bunn VPR – Bunn VP17-1SS) 

when the demand is high BUNN VPR commercial is a good to go as it comes with 2 warmers, it is a must for big restaurants and it is very affordable.  

BUNN VPR and BUNN VP1SS are both very similar the only difference is the number of warming plates and tank.  

That’s all with the commercial brewers both are good at their own place now it depends on your needs, if you need a lot of coffee then go for VPR or else for VP17-1SS 

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