Copper chef pan is a six in one, you can easily Bake, Fry, Braise, Broil, Steam and Saute in it. it comes with ceramic- Coating and gives even heating as it is made up of copper which is a good conductor of heat, though it is not 100% copper. it comes with stain resistant coating which makes it durable, it can easily heat up to 850 degrees and also comes with a hollow handle which is made up of steel, the best part about this pan is that you can use it on inductions and as well in the oven. 

Copper chef pan is actually world’s very first all in one square pan which comes with a ceramic coating which simply means nothing is going to stick on you beautiful pan. it comes with certain depth which results in replacing a roaster, baking dish, steamer and even a rice cooker. 

The cerami coating does not chip, flake or peel into the food you cook as it is said to be 100% free of PTFE, PFOA and chemical and this beautiful pan is dishwasher safe but everytime you wash it in a dishwasher make sure before using it you heat clean it, seasoning is very important, what you need to do is place your pan on the stove for 30 seconds and then remove it from the stove and put some oil on it, use a paper towel for rubbing it on the entire surface. 

Do’s and Don’ts 

  1. Never ever leave empty copper chef pan on the stove for very long.
  2. Don’t ever take your copper chef pan out of the oven without gloves
  3. If anyhow your glass lid breaks or gets any crack stop using it.


  1. Let your pan cool down and then only wash it.
  2. Whenever you wash your pan wash it with hot water and sponge
  3. Don’t use metal pads as they leave scratches.


  1. If you ever burn your food in your chef pan don’t worry, pour some water and add some detergent, make sure it is non-lemon and put it on the stove and when the water boils, reduce the heat and wait for 15 minutes.
  2. Store your chef pan in a pegboard as storing in a crowd can cause scratches.

Verdict – 

it is better than most of the pans available in the market, it is easy to clean, it can easily take place of 6 cookware when it comes to the temperature no other pan can compete with copper chef pan, can be easily used in the oven as it is oven safe. it comes with a glass lid, handle, fry basket, steamer tray and 2-month warranty. That’s all with the copper chef pan if you love cooking and don’t have a lot of space then you must go for this pan as it is a 6 in 1, saves space and it has hassle-free cleaning which means less work and more cooking. It saves your time as it heats up fast and give you all the temperature control. 

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