Anyone can buy a coffee maker but the real thing is maintaining it so that can live up to its words it not only about how it is made but about how we use it and how we keep it so here are some ways you can maintain your brewer without a lot of efforts all you need is a little bit of time and a little bit of patience and you are good to go 

Ways to clean your brewer – 

After each use cleaning  

once you are done using your BUNN Brewer simply wash your decanters and your funnel that’s all apart from this you need to wipe your brewer simply with a cloth. 


heard about deleting? if not you must today as it is required to be done every now and then, it helps in clearing all the deposits which get into the brewer from the water. whenever you plan to do this make sure you allow some time for your brewer to cool down. 

    a)if there is a spray head in your BUNN Brewer model genitally remove it, move it clockwise b

  1. )you would have got declining tools with your brewer it’s time to insert it in your brewer’s spray head tube. 
  2. c)you need to slide the defining tool in and then out about 7 times so that if there is any lime it gets loosened.  
  3. d)pour some fresh water into your decanter and simply place it on the warmer with a closed lid. 
  4. e)check if any holes are still closed in your spray head due to lime, if yes then you can use a toothpick to remove it. 
  5. Vinegar time

if you want your brewer to live up to 10 – 15 years then every 3rd month you need to clean it fully 

 i) you need to put one empty funnel in your brewer after this take white vinegar, one quart and simply pour it into the top of your brewer and after this, you need to close the lid.letit flow and when it stops flowing then you need to empty your decanter and after this leave your brewer for about two to three hours. 

ii) It’s time to unplug your brewer and remove the spray head and the funnel, use a detergent and clean your spray head, use a cloth for this.pourcold water into your brewer and turn it on, do not forget to close the lid, make sure your decanter is empty and repeat this process seven to ten times. 

iii) Taste the water if the water tastes like vinegar then repeat the process until the time it does not, when the water doesn’t taste like vinegar. hold your brewer from the back of it and turn it upside-down  


To maintain your brewer after each use empty it, don’t store water or coffee in it for too long and if in your area water quality is not good you must think about installing a water conditioner   

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